SharePoint 2013 On-Premise and Yammer Integration (Part 2)

This is the second sequel of our posts about SharePoint 2013 on-premise and Yammer integration. In the first part, we skimmed on SharePoint 2013 social networking features. In this second part, we will talk about what Yammer will ‘replace’ in SharePoint social networking stacks, and what will stay the same after we use it. We don’t explain the how-to details here because it is already covered well in the following whitepaper: Lead with Yammer for SharePoint 2013 on Premises.

Yammer is a social network platform for business. Its features are like what Facebook and Twitter offer but it is designed more for collaboration and interaction between business colleagues. It’s pretty much like what SharePoint My Site can do but with more features. When we use Yammer, we use their online services. Our data is stored in their server, and we connected to their server via internet through web services.

Here is summary about what Yammer will ‘replace’ in SharePoint social networking stacks (taken from from the whitepaper we mentioned above):

  • Viewing or posting to conversations in newsfeeds on My Sites and Team Sites.
  • Viewing activities in the Newsfeed.
  • Viewing activities on profile pages.
  • Viewing the I’m Following web part on My Sites.
  • Mentioning users from their profile page. Note: this appears on a user’s profile page when the user fills in the Ask Me About field on their profile.
  • Following people.
  • Following tags.
  • Viewing Trending #tags on users’ Newsfeed page.

However, the following features of SharePoint social networking features will stay the as is:

  • Following documents.
  • Following sites.
  • Updating information on the Profile page.
  • Posting on a note board.
  • Liking or rating documents in a document library, and a video from the asset library.
  • Using community sites.
  • Changing activity settings on the Newsfeed Settings page.

My Site After Applying Yammer

We followed step by step on the whitepaper we mentioned above to apply Yammer to our My Site. Here we show you how it looks like after applying Yammer. We have set up our network in Yammer before, and its name is Here we show you the screen capture of Yammer interface when we logged on as user Agus Suhanto on

Yammer of

Yammer Home Feed on My Site

Newsfeed, Followed Counts, and Trending Hashtags web parts have been removed from My Site. They have been replaced by Yammer Feed app part. This app part takes data directly from Yammer website. There are three Yammer feed types: Group feed, Home feed, and Comment feed. We can choose one of them from the app part option pane. Here we chose Home feed to replace Newsfeed:

Yammer Feed Web Part

We can use the same app part on team site to display Yammer Group feed related to a particular team.

We hope now you can see differences between SharePoint bare-metal My Site compared to Yammer-integrated one. You know what’s missing, what’s stay the same. Sure you’ll calculate the benefit and cost before making the decision whether to let My Site as is, or integrate it to Yammer.
Source: SharePoint 2013 On-Premise and Yammer Integration (Part 2)


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