Dealing with Web Proxy on WFE When Configuring Apps

Sometimes our client’s network has some policy restrictions. One of common restrictions is the enforcement to use explicit proxy in web browsers. It should be easy to deal when we use regular browsers to connect to the internet, we just need to enter proxy server name manually into the browser’s Settings window. But, when configuring Apps in SharePoint 2013, this could give us a little head ache.

SharePoint 2013 WFE needs to connect to SharePoint Apps Store (internet) to retrieve list of applications in Central Administration. However, it does not use the same connection settings as the locally installed browsers. So, whatever proxy settings we entered into the browser, it won’t affect internet connection initiated from WFE. SharePoint WFE will perform direct connection to SharePoint Store.

If this happens, our browser will display the following error message: Sorry, we can’t seem to connect to the SharePoint Store. Try again in a bit.


Fortunately there is a setting that we have to add manually into the web.config to give WFE information about the web proxy it should use when connecting to SharePoint Store. Find section in the web.config, and change it to include proxyAddress attribute. For example:

    <defaultProxy useDefaultCredentials="false">
       <proxy usesystemdefault="True" proxyaddress="" 
         bypassonlocal="True" />

We have to enter proxyAddress value in URI form, i.e.: <protocal>://<proxy-server-name>:<port> (port can be omitted if we use standard port 80). And remember that we have to add this setting to all web applications including Central Administration.

Now refresh Apps list in Central Administration, you should see all available apps from SharePoint Store.

SharePoint Store
Source: Dealing with Web Proxy on WFE When Configuring Apps


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